Cap de Ses Salines – Majorca’s southernmost point

Everybody who owns a Majorca property probably knows Cap de Ses Salines, the southernmost point of the island and a good place for those who like to seek relaxation and peace far away from the crowds. This small village is located directly on the coast and is contrary to many other areas of Majorca very quiet and above all very manageable. Especially nature lovers and hikers often visit this place and that is why it became so popular. Particularly interesting is the small costal town for its famous lighthouse. With good weather condition, which is mostly the case on the sunny island, you can catch a magnificent view up to the island of Cabrera. But even now during spring time, a trip to Cap de Ses Salines is highly recommended. Now, the island blooms in beautiful colors and hundreds of migratory birds are resting there.
Also the town offers itself very good for wandering around since this village is one of the few places which is still untouched by mass tourism.
Even dreamlike beaches stretch in hidden coves around the coast.
For those who have enough of the beaches and the sea, they can find their territory in the botanical garden in Ses Salines. The Botanicactus is the largest botanical garden in Europe and has an area of 50.000m2 with more than 12,000 different varieties of cacti. The reconstructed tropical vegetation with palms and bamboo is also very impressive and will fascinate every visitor. At first, the terrain appears like a desert landscape, where you can spend hours and marvel the diversity of species of cacti.

The Semana Santa – Easter in Majorca

The lovely Spring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner. When you are planning to visit your Mallorca property this weekend, you can experience many parades and processions these days. Here in Majorca, Easter is celebrated and honored very pompous and atmospheric by all Majorcans. Since the beginning of the week, there are many parades through Palma and they are accompanied by traditional music. A true spectacle that will impress every visitor is especially the procession today, on Holy Thursday. With this traditional and largest parade, about 30 hooded- brotherhoods will march through Palma and usher Easter in Majorca. On Good Friday further processions take place and the descent of Christ from the Cross is acted out in Pollenca. But even in Palma there are worth seeing processions as well. Easter Sunday traditionally begins with a mass in the parish of Llucmajor followed by guidance of the Jesus statue. Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday are dedicated to tasty feasts. On these two days are Majorcans can be found especially in the countryside at a picnic. Easter and therefore also the Holy Week is ended on Sunday after Easter with a big festival at the Bellver Castle which also offers an extensive children’s program.

Windmills of Mallorca, a dreamlike landscape

Who does not know the wonderful pictures of the windmills on Majorca? Shortly before landing on the island, every visitor is friendly greeted by the bright wheels of the many windmills and is already introduced to the Mediterranean atmosphere of the sunny island. At first glance, the mills at first seem like toys in a miniature landscape. But they are an integral part of the Majorcan history and fit beautifully into the idyllic countryside. The history of the mill goes back to the time before the Christian conquest; in the 17th and in the 18th Century the mills witnessed its peak here in Mallorca. At that time there were 1000 windmills scattered over the whole island. But over the years, the good old mill steam has been replaced by engines, diesel engines and electric motors, which has been so typical for the landscape of Majorca. Nevertheless, there are still old flour mills around the island, such as in the region of Selva. And although they are no longer in use, they are an indispensable part of the island. Today the mills are mainly used for pumping water. This is especially important in the region around the airport of Palma because this area is also called the pantry of Mallorca by the Majorcans. Thus, the mills are still in use these days and many tourists as well as owners of a Mallorca property come to see them.

Classic Car Rallye in Majorca

A car race of a very special kind takes place again this weekend in Majorca. So if you are planning to make a small detour from your own Mallorca property to Palma, then you should not miss the race. Here, not as with the Formula 1 do Michael Schumacher and Co. take off, but rather some of the most beautiful classic cars in Europe. During this rallye only vehicles that were built before 1981 can participate; jewels of the old days. So this is a spectacle of a very special type this weekend. The tour starts and ends, as every year in Palma and runs through Calvia, Es Capdella and Galilee. Launch is tonight. By 19 o’clock at the Plaza España, the oldtimers are first presented, before it finally starts. Even the racing teams themselves can be gazed at the Paseo Maritim; there, you will find the magnificent old-timers. A total of 60 teams from across Europe are set to be launched and all the car fans, including owners of a Majorca property, can enjoy his event tonight until Sunday.

Thursday Night Fever in Palmas City – Shopping fans watch out

Not to be confused with the well known Musical Saturday Night Fever is Palmas Thursday Night Fever. Here, it is not about hitting the dance floor to musical rhythms, but rather to browse in Palmas stores late at night, since business owners in Palma will open their stores again until midnight every Thursday. Ideal for those owners of a Mallorca property who want to spend the sunny and warm days at the beach or maybe even at the own fantastic swimming pool. Often we just hasten through the streets without taking time to look to the right and to the left. But this will come to an end soon and you can leave your Mallorca property late and head towards Palma. Here you will find many open doors of various shops, museums, galleries, and even the cathedral. However, when the Thursday Night Fever will start is still written in the stars. But you can definitely enjoy midnight shopping until late September. The aim of this action is the desire to encourage the buying behavior as well as to encourage the city tourism.

The spring is coming in Mallorca

Spring is arguably one of the most beautiful months in Mallorca, especially in the months of March, April and May since Mallorca at its best during this time.
Nature flourishes colorful, it is pleasantly warm and the Mediterranean Sea has a pleasant water temperature between 14 ° C and 17 ° C degrees. Spring in Majorca also means that the island is still pleasantly empty and in some places you have time for yourself to relax. So if you have planned your holidays not only with swimming and sunbathing, then spring is just the right time to make a holiday here because the pleasant temperatures simply invite you to experience the other side of Mallorca. So why not enjoy a slightly different kind of holiday and turn the back to the mass tourism. The Mediterranean landscape with its beautiful almond blossom and the deep green invite to fun walking or cycling. And maybe you find your Mallorca property on. Moreover, the many hours of sunshine will guarantee breathtaking views over the beautiful sea and the surrounding countryside with its magnificent Mallorca properties. In particular, the southwest of Majorca is a great way to experience the other side of Mallorca off the tourist centers.

Hiking among ancient olive trees

Of course, many people believe to know everything about the favorite of the Balearic Islands and think to have seen the most important spots. However, many deceive and are taught otherwise. The old olive trees with their deep-routed and twisted branches have been given little attention up to now– despite or perhaps because they are simply part of the nature here in Mallorca. But it is worth to take a close look because the olive trees are breathtaking. A number of olive trees with the artfully twisted branches offer a masterpiece of nature for each eye. Also the tourism industry has bowed to the olive harvest and provides so-called theme walks to admire the magnificent specimens. Of course, any owner of a Mallorca property probably knows the old and well known Mallorca oil, but the olive oil production takes a back seat. So why not get out of the Mallorca property into the fascinating nature and witness the olive harvest with a hike through the Mediterranean landscape. As a highlight, willowers can enjoy the “Gold of the Nature” right on the spot. But even without oil is a hike through the dreamlike scenery highly recommended to leverage soul and sole.

Comfortable cycling with springlike temperatures

While winter is still beating in Germany, spring has already taken upper hand in Mallorca and large parts of the island enjoy the almond bloom. This offers ideal conditions for all amateur cyclists and hopefully also including Mallorca property owners to make the bicycle suitable for the roads again. With nice spring temperatures and breathtaking Mediterranean nature, it is just twice as good to cycle. Especially the south west of Mallorca surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountain is a popular destination for many cyclists to explore the fascinating nature in the saddle. Here you will be rewarded with spectacular views over the sea. Particulary this area offers something for every type of cycling – whether it be cyclists, mountain bikers or road bikers, everyone finds his ideal terrain. The sports- minded will find his challenge in the Tramuntana Mountain with its steep climbs. And the sweaty descent will be rewarded with dreamlike views over the sea as well as on the Mediterranean landscape. For those who prefer the flatter and less stressful way, the very good road system provides ideal possibilities to explore Mallorca’s variety by bike. Along the coast you can leisurely enjoy fabulous views over the bay and the beautiful Mallorca properties and you can also stop in one of the cafes along the harbor promenade.

Renting a car in Majorca

If you’re planning to visit Mallorca to do some home hunting you might want to consider renting a car to get around in. There’s plenty of choice available at Palma Airport and most suppliers offer online booking facilities allowing you to place a reservation in advance of arrival. Once you know the dates when you plan to visit Mallorca it’s worth booking as soon as possible to take advantage of the best prices. Although there’s usually plenty of cars available to rent, last year saw a shortage of rental cars across Spain as demand outweighed supply, as a result of many car hire companies reducing their fleet in anticipation of fewer visitors. However the outlook for 2010 is more positive with many rental companies taking on larger fleets to cope with the number of visitors to Mallorca. With such a vast number of cars operating out of Mallorca’s Palma Airport there’s a good variety of cars ensuring that there’s something suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you’re looking for a small ‘runabout’ to get you from A to B, or a sporty BMW convertible to cruise around in.
When renting a car in Mallorca it’s important to check the supplier’s fuel policy as some will add on a compulsory fuel charge which is non-refundable even if you return the car with a full tank. Finally it’s important to remember that you bring the right documentation when you collect your car. The car hire company will need to see your driving license (both photo, and paper counterparts) along with a credit card in the drivers name and sometimes an additional piece of identification. For car hire at Palma Mallorca Airport visit Sixt

Tapas- the culinary snack

Tapas- this is the name for the little snack in between that has now become indispensable to Mallorca – everybody knows and of course likes Tapas. The origin of this name has also its meaning. Tapas mean “cover” because the plates where these delicacies were offered fit in a wine or beer glass. Today, this aspect is of course not of importance anymore. Moreover, tapas have become a life philosophy for the modern Mallorcan. And in order to keep this invention alive, Palma’s nightlife district La Lonja is now every last Thursday of the months initiating “Vi a vi amb la Vinoteca.
The aim is to encourage more people to end the evening with tapas and wine. So why not leave the Mallorca property to enjoy a nice evening with tapas in one of the bars in Palma or anywhere else on Mallorca. The Spanish habit, whose origin comes from the Spanish mainland, has now become indispensable for the restaurant scene in Mallorca: countless tapas bars, offer many different varieties ready for the small appetite. And the variety of different tapas is vast. A multitude of variations are offered in the typical tapas bars and are enjoying increasing popularity as a snack, not just among Mallorcans, but also among many vacationers.